"I was also crying while dubbing" - Actor who has voiced "Ertogrul" in Azerbaijani

"I was also crying while dubbing" - Actor who has voiced "Ertogrul" in Azerbaijani

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Turkey's "Resurrection: Ertogrul" TV series broadcast on Azerbaijan Television is about to come to an end.

The soap opera broadcast in the Azerbaijani language is in the first place in AzTV's ratings. Previously, it was broadcast from Monday to Friday. However, now, it is demonstrated 6 times a week taking into consideration numerous requests of the audience. The fact that the TV series is broadcast in Azerbaijani Turkic has attracted the interest of the audience. 

Taking into account this interest, we have had a conversation with Honorable artist Jalal Mammadov who has voiced the main character Ertogrul.

J. Mammadov says that sometimes, he did the dubbing of one episode for 8 hours: "It is because Ertogrul puts himself in different situations in each scene, in each episode, that is why his reactions changed. He was harsh, he was soft... It was important to convey it to viewers. It is not about the acting, it is about the dubbing of the historical figure. I enjoyed understanding the character while watching the TV series.

It was a great honor for me to voice the outstanding knight of the Turkic world. I was engaged in dubbing for almost 8 hours. I had the character who had most of the lines."

J. Mammadov considers that the successful dubbing has impacted the ratings.  

"Some people objurgate asking why we have dubbed the Turkish language. Actually, it was in old Turkic, so some words were not understandable. We were looking for the meanings of words and trying to match them to our language. The successful dubbing plays 90% of the role in the ratings of the soap opera. I have also done my best to deliver Ertogrul's character through my voice."

I express my gratitude to the AzTV administration, that has chosen me during the casting, and everybody who has worked hard. 

The Honorable artist has noted that he really cried in some scenes: "The scene in which he lost his life partner and her funeral indeed touched my heart. It impossible not to get sad while watching the soap opera. In some scenes in which Ertogrul was crying, I was also crying. It gives special beauty to the dubbing of the soap opera."