Molla Nəsrəddin / 18.04.2021



Discussions are still underway regarding whether or not Molla Nasraddin, who is known for his resourcefullness and sense of humor, really existed. He has become so legendary that the Uzbeks consider that he was born in Uzbekistan, the Kazakhs think that he was born in Kazakhstan, the Turkmens consider that he was born in Turkmenistan, and the Azerbaijanis think that he was born in Azerbaijan. Actually, he was both Azerbaijani, and Uzbek, and Anatolian, and Tatar. It means he is from where Turks live. There is a meaning in all of his anecdotes. Wherever Molla Nasraddin’s name is pronounced, there is always laughter, smile. The main goal of the “MOLLA NASRADDIN” program prepared by the “Literary-Drama and Folklore Programs Chief Editorial Department is to raise viewers’ mood, deliver the events taking place in our public-political and cultural life through humor. Interesting reportages are also presented on the program which bears the mission of enlightening people.

18:30 / Sunday