Repressiya / Hüseyn Cavid



70, 000 people were subjected to repression in Azerbaijan in the 1930-40s and at the beginning of the 50s. 29, 000 of them were intelligents. In 1937 alone, 16 Azerbaijani generals were murdered. During the Stalin repressions, 150, 000 Azerbaijanis were killed in Kazakhstan, and 28, 000 of them were executed by firing squad.
Abbas Mirza Sharifzade, Ayna Sultanova, Bakir Chobanzadem Jamshid Omar Faig Nemanzade, Ahmad Javad and others great Azerbaijani scientists and cultural and public figures were among those subjected to repressions. Thus, the repression severely damaged the intellectual potential of Azerbaijan.
The “REPRESSION” program prepared by the Public-Political Programs Studio tells about the arbitrariness, gross human rights violations committed by the totalitarian regime during Stalin’s rule in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic, the repressions against hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

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