Bəkir Çobanzadənin ölümü ilə bağlı sirli məqamlar | "Qətl planı" (24.04.2022)



The repression, that started in the 1920s and lasted for almost 30 years, is one of the biggest tragedies in the Azerbaijani history. In those years, as a result of the arbitrariness, violence committed by the totalitarian regime in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic, thousands of innocent people were subjected to repressions due to the fact that they did not listen to the orders of the political regime.
The “ASSASSINATION PLAN” program has been prepared by the Author Programs and Special Projects Chief Editorial Department and is presented by Ilgar Musayev. The program is about the intelligents who did not accept the existing order of that time, who were arrested based on denunciations of their “comrades”, criticized the socialist society in their works, wrote articles about the repression victims in newspapers and journals.
During the repression years, about 100, 000 intelligents, militaries, figures of culture and art, scientists, writers, teachers, religious figures were exiled to Siberia, Kazakhstan and other places. Thus, the big part of the clever, educated, talented, hardworking, moral layer of the Azerbaijani society was eliminated.
The program talking about the life of the victims of repression, those, who were innocently killed, those, who were waiting on a death row, the organization of assassinations, hidden crimes is watched by viewers with interest.

21:30 / Thursday