TÜRK DÜNYASI | 04.06.2022 | Türk xalqlarının tarixi və mədəniyyəti



The “TURKIC WORLD” program prepared by the Author Programs and Special Projects Chief Editorial Department talks about the culture, history, traditions and customs of the Turkic speaking peoples.
Turkic speaking states have implemented a joint project at the initiative of Azerbaijan Television.
The program goes on air once a week. Materials are presented in the language of each country. Subtitles are provided for Azerbaijani viewers to understand better.
Despite the fact that AzTV is the initiator of the project, the program is planned to be broadcast on TV channels of all Turkic speaking countries.
This is the project created as a response to the close cooperation of Azerbaijan with Turkic speaking countries and initiatives set by the heads of state of the Turkic Council at the Summit.

21:00 / Friday