XXI century with Rafig Hashimov | Guest Charles Veley | 19.07.2022



"Hello, dear ladies and gentlemen, teachers, sirs, comrades, dear viewers! Several days are left until the end of the XX century..."
Azerbaijan Television's presenter, anchor, scriptwriter, director, Honorable Artist of Azerbaijan Republic Rafig Hashimov started with these words the last edition of his author program "The XX century" that was broadcast at the end of 1999.
The author delivered the events that took place in one century through his philosophical thoughts. He ended the program with the following sentences: "Near the end of the XX century, we shared our thoughts about children, adults, books and hope. Hope dies at the end. Stay safe!" At that time, when Mr. Rafig launched this program, late anchor Rafig Huseynov joked with Mr. Rafig Hashimov: "The XX century is coming to an end, and you have launched the program entitled "The XX century"...
"The XX century" program was welcomed and loved by viewers. The editions prepared about former chairman of the State Teleradio Company Babak Huseyinoghlu, People's Artist, composer, professor Faraj Garayev, People's Artist, cinema director Eldar Guliyev, doctor of technical sciences, academician Azad Mirzajanzade, People's Writer Anar, at the same time, from Italy's Napoli city, its cultural-historical monuments, the lives of the Azerbaijanis living there were welcomed by viewers.
"The XXI century" author program is the continuation of "The XX century" program, and its presenter Rafig Hashimov again prepares editions about artists, public figures, etc.

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