Şəhərdənkənar | 13.02.2022



As seen from the title of the program, the "OUT OF TOWN" program is filmed out of town. Extreme types of sports have a special place in the preparation of the program. The program full of adrenaline, excitement, power, entertainment, energy is prepared on the mountain peaks with difficult climate and impassable relief.
Guests specialized in mountain cycling, skiing, kayaking and other fields give information about the sports.
Extreme types of sports envisage any kind of danger, height, speed. In most of the cases, extreme types of sports are not for competition, they are used for excitement. The majority of extreme types of sports are individual sports.
The program is prepared by Natig Yusifli and Farhad Davidov.
It is planned to make editions about sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX and surfing.

10:30 / Sunday