Protests continue in Armenia

Protests continue in Armenia

14 June, 12:10 Share on social media:

Protests, demonstrations continue in Armenia that experienced the bitter defeat in the 44-day war.

As the snap elections are approaching in the country, the situation has further deteriorated. Acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his rivals face difficulties in gathering their supporters in Yerevan and other large cities of the country. To get out of the situation, they deliver a speech in front of the nation with 35-40 people they bring with themselves on mini-buses. 

Nikol Pashinyan involved numerous police officers and servicemen of the Internal Troops for his own security. The slogans such as "Traitor Nikol", "Get out, Nikol" were voiced from the windows of some apartments. The march ended at the Republic Square.

The march caused the outrage of some protestors, and they threw glassware at Pashinyan. The police dispersed the demonstration and detained a group of opposition members.