Azerbaijan Radio congratulates 100-year-old Kazakh Radio

Azerbaijan Radio congratulates 100-year-old Kazakh Radio

29 September, 13:00 Share on social media:

Deputy Chairman of the "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC Rafig Hashimov has sent a congratulatory letter to the leadership and staff of the Kazakh Radio on the occasion of its 100th anniversary.

It is highlighted in the congratulatory letter sent by the 95-year-old Azerbaijani Radio that today is the Pride Day of the Kazakh people. 

It is emphasized that both radio stations have played an irreplaceable role in the development of the native language, promotion of the culture and literature, spread of solidarity ideas. 

The famous presenters of the Kazakh Radio have been mentioned, their hard work has been underlined in the letter.  

It is pointed out that the records of the great luminaries are preserved in the "Golden Foundation" of the Radio on which 60 various programs are broadcast. 

According to the letter, in the near future, the Azerbaijani and Kazakh Radio Stations are expected to go on air with joint programs.  

It is noteworthy that the Kazakh Radio was established on September 29, 1921. It is a part of Kazakhstan Republic Television and Radio Broadcasting Company.