Mine-contaminated areas in liberated territories announced

Mine-contaminated areas in liberated territories announced

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In the liberated areas, 147,988 hectares are most heavily contaminated, and 675,570 hectares are moderately contaminated, Farhad Isayev, deputy director of the Education, International, and Public Relations Department of the ANAMA, said at a round table on the protection of persons with disabilities and landmine victims in Azerbaijan held in Baku on December 4.

According to him, about 900 settlements were demolished and relocated.

"In addition to mines, traps and explosive devices were used. In 2021, mines produced in Armenia were also found on the territory of Azerbaijan. They were transported to the territory by Armenian illegal groups. Rivers and water wells are also contaminated with explosive devices, which will hinder the development of agriculture in the future. Mine maps provided to Azerbaijan have less than 25 percent accuracy, which makes our work very difficult," Isayev added.