Air temperature to reach 44C in Azerbaijan

Air temperature to reach 44C in Azerbaijan

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Dry weather is expected in Baku and the Absheron Peninsula on Monday, July 18. A moderate northwesterly wind will blow.

The air temperature will be 23-26Cm at night, 33-38C during the day. Baku will see the temperatures at 23-25C at night and 35-37C during the day. Atmospheric pressure will be 757 mm Hg. Relative humidity will be 55-60%.

Rainless weather, with moderate west wind, will prevail in the regions of Azerbaijan.

The temperature will be 22-27C at night, 37-41C during the day, in some places, 43-44C. The air temperature in mountainous regions will be 10-15C at night, and 28-33C during the day.