Şərqilər | 15.05.2022



Another program made by the Musical and Entertaining Programs Editorial Department is "THE SONGS". The main purpose of the program is to share with viewers interesting facts about retro songs and the reasons for their creation.
At the same time, information about poets, composers, singers is also provided. Information about new songs is also given on the program presented by Tofig Hasansoy.
This project of the Editorial Department is loved and watched with interest by viewers.
Additional information about loved songs is never erased from people's memory. Let us take a piece of music showing Azerbaijan's strength, greatness, success and willpower... This music is also called the second anthem of Azerbaijan. The song is entitled "Azerbaijan". The composer is Muslum Magomayev, and the songwriter is Nabi Khazri. The song has a weird story...
The additional information provided about the song makes viewers love it even more.

12:30 / Sunday