İcbari tibbi sığortanın tətbiqinə "Obyektiv" yanaşma / 29.10.2021



The “OBJECTIVE” program prepared by the Public-Political Programs Studio is shot outside the studio, at the center of events. The presenter of the program is Jasarat Ganbarli. The most important public, social events taking place in the country are discussed on the program. The presenter of the program and guests try to analyze the essence of topical issues in an honest and unbiased way. The program is shot in different places of Baku, various institutions, regions, especially in the territories liberated from occupation. The editions of the program prepared from Shusha – the construction of the “Victory road”, Zangilan – the execution of the “Smart city” project, expert opinions create confidence of people in the great return. The staff fulfills its responsibilities properly in order to make the program more dynamic and watchable.

21:00 / Tuesday, Thursday