Another significant step in AzTV - TRT cooperation

Another significant step in AzTV - TRT cooperation

7 March, 16:00 Share on social media:

Another significant step has been taken in the AzTV - TRT cooperation.

According to the Social Media and PR Department of the "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" CJSC, starting from today, a group of leading experts from TRT has launched trainings on AzTV. 

The trainings that will last for 14 days will envisage various fields of TV. 

Trainings will be carried out by news correspondents, cameramen, directors, editors, PR and social media experts, and they will be based on the exchange of experience.  

In connection with this, a meeting has been held in the CJSC. Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci, chairman of the CJSC Rovshan Mammadov and Deputy Chief of TRT Fethi Fahri Kaya, as well as CJSC employees have participated in the event. 

Speaking about the AzTV - TRT cooperation, Rovshan Mammadov has noted that both TV channels have one goal: "Always to move forward, always to make progress. TRT is with us on this path. Why specifically TRT? It is because TRT is the main media platform of our native Turkey. Along with being the mother of the Turkish media, it is No 1 in ratings. There was a time when it was the last one in ratings, but in recent years, we witness the results achieved. AzTV's policy is in line with TRT's. Both TV channels carry out the same ideological work. Both of them have the same ideology. 

Actually, the education process that has been launched today is a bright example of the Azerbaijani-Turkish brotherhood. This is the beginning. We will carry out large-scale works and yield great results."

R. Mammadov has added that trainings will consist of not only audience lessons: "Presenters will spend time with presenters, cameramen with cameramen, other experts with employees of their fields. Within two weeks, valuable colleagues will become AzTV employees. Both sides will benefit from this meeting."

The chairman has also highlighted that in the near future, a group of correspondents will be sent to Turkey - TRT: "We are planning to make them work there. In one word, our collaboration will yield great results."

Ambassador Cahit Bagci has drawn attention to the activity of the Turkish media during the Second Karabakh War: "Turkey has supported Azerbaijan in all ways; the world heard the country's realities through the Turkish media. Our collaboration develops and will develop in every field. We shoudl also strengthen our cooperation in the field of media. We do not have friends besides each other. The best example of it is the Shusha Declaration."

The Ambassador has stressed that Azerbaijani-Turkish experts can develop their cooperation via the exchange of experience. 

Deputy Chief of TRT Fethi Fahri Kaya has expressed satisfaction with being in Azerbaijan: "Our cooperation will always continue. We had a one-week education program on AzTV, but we have increased it. I am confident that our cooperation will be successful."